Why am I learning to code?

Prior to taking this course, I made a list - naturally - of reasons why it is a good idea. A 'pros' list if you will. (A 'cons' list could have been made too, though I didn't bother making it. Let's not analyse why.) 

Over the coming weeks I will share the entire thing and, hopefully, my reasons will stack up. 

I will post them in no particular order other than an affinity with the particular reason on a particular day. One that resonates on most days is:

Reason 1: Health

I am typing from my home office in a saddle seat at a raised desk.

Years of bad posture, video games, sports and desk jobs have taken a toll and I am slave to the idiosyncrasies of a spine which has baffled the best medical minds in Sydney.

So surely coding will make it worse? 

Not so. The developers I know (OK, some of them) take their setup seriously and, accepting they will be in front of a screen for hours every week, ensure they have it optimised.

Plus, they seem to roam offices like Big Cats at dawn, pacing their environs for a spot to settle. 

 Aside from the course I am prioritising exercise - swimming, core strength in the gym, stretching and yoga, let's see how I go.

My home office during its reno.