Why Am I Learning to Code: Part Deux

A while back I mentioned a list I had made of reasons to do WDI and (ultimately) learn to be a developer/acquire dev skills. Here it is in full, in no particular order:

1. Health - to be able to work on my own terms/with flexibility. I've got a knackered back y'see. 

2. Ability to freelance - to have greater say over which direction my life takes and, should I ever get laid off from a job unexpectedly, have better means of making money.

3. Relationships - having a stress level I can control will make me a good partner and ultimately (I hope) father. 

4. Family - I can go home to the UK when I need to/have to and get more time in my weeks to be accessible and in contact. I can take a contract overseas.

5. Skills - getting to the heart of what I enjoy most; the things I want to do every day.

6. Reputation - by doing GA I can expand my online presence and build some personal projects.

7. Access - for three months I get to ask questions of really talented people and suck up as much of their knowledge as possible. 

8. Advantage - being able to bootstrap my own business, authoritatively produce web projects or confidently hire other developers are huge benefits.

9. Sydney - immersion in the startup culture here, making it officially my 'home', and expanding my networking opportunities.

10. YOLO! (Drake: The Motto)