The View From Morning 13

Noone ever said it was going to be easy.

And frankly it isn't. 

Some of the best online tutorials are called 'Learn X the Hard Way' because, well, the Hard Way is the only way when it comes to this stuff.

And learning at such a rate has its pros and cons. Or perhaps the pros somehow are the cons. 

For example, if you are hating something or just not getting it, another thing comes along super quick to take your mind off it. 

But you have to hope the thing you've moved on from does not come back to bite you. 

As seems to be the case, a lot of what we are learning is superseded later in the course by a framework which promises a newer, better way of doing the same thing.

There's a decent amount of this - learning stuff you will probably not use (in its pure form) to better understand and appreciate the preferred ways.

On the point of what I hate and don't:

CSS and HTML is comforting to work with. I guess I've grown up seeing and working with that code so it isn't as problematic, even to find answers when I'm stuck.

Doing databases has been fine. It seems most folks despise this part of the process but to me it seems straightforward and the SQL commands are pretty much in the plainest English. [EDIT - as of this morning's class it is obvious SQL is as secure as the average child actor. We are learning ActiveRecord today.] 

Sinatra routing I find pretty cool. I'd always wondered how servers listen to your inputs and throw back something via the URL. And now I know.

Which - until the next thing arrives - just leaves Ruby. 

God knows I've done a lot of work on Ruby. I've been working until midnight most nights on it. But unfortunately more input (of time) does not directly mean more output.

If you don't know what you are doing, diminishing returns set in pretty damn quick.

I guess where I am at is this:  

If I had been studying engines for 3 weeks, I could probably tell you what a carburettor does, whereabouts it should be placed, and what other bits it connects to.

At the moment coding Ruby every day is like being walked blindfolded into a garage.

Once the blindfold is removed I find I am in complete darkness. Suddenly, the lights are slammed on and all around me are the countless parts of a car.

Then a friendly voice says 'I'll be back at 9am to pick up my Holden. Just Hipchat me if you have any problems.'